Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Isla Las Aves Venezuela

The islands of Las Aves are located thirty miles west of Los Roques, forty miles east of Bonaire, and are some ninety miles from La Guaire.
The islands does not have an airstrip, which means that you will have to hire a sailboat that takes around ten hours to reach the islands from La Guaire or Carenero Higarote.
The region is home to two big islands namely Aves de Barlovento and Aves de Sotavento and sixteen other smaller islands. Together they cover an area of about 355 square miles.

You can engage in a number of activities such as kiting, sailing, diving, swimming, fishing or just relax in complete solitude of the deserted islands.
The island of Aves Barlovento is popular as a bird sanctuary, where you can watch different species of sea birds passing through the canals or flying between the mangroves that grow to a height of 20 meters. The island of Aves Sotavento is famous for its wrecks as a number of shipwrecks, both ancient and modern are scattered along the barrier reef.
 And Is windy from December to August .


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